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Beijing State-large four-star hotel is a business hotel, located in the downtown shopping district Asia, and the National Stadium - one step away from the nest, west China's "Silicon Valley" Zhongguancun Science Park.
Hotels have 192 rooms of various sets of bed room, bedding based on the scientific design of the human body, to provide broadband Internet access and business travel required for the necessary facilities, there are different specifications for the size of the conference room 5, can meet the needs of different customers of the Kind of meeting demand.
There are all kinds of hotel restaurants, bars and cafes will provide all kinds of meals and dinner service. Hotel Annex, the Paramount nightclub owner's premier shopping district of the Olympic Auditorium and the various super-Packet Inter. Sauna, bath at a hotel on the ground floor.
State-Hotel hope to each and every guest staying in the busy business trip to add touch of warmth and smiles.